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We give the internet content. Unique content.

Our company Internet Info provides content with added value. We offer expertise on the internet, conferences, seminars and training. We introduce unique topics and provide context, basing our content on the individuality of personalities and objectivity of information with a precise impact. This is precisely why more than 3.7 million people read the news servers of Internet Info every month.

Our company Internet Info publishes specialised servers about IT, the internet, telecommunications, new technologies, business, finance, taxes, digital broadcasting and lifestyle. We organise dozens of educational events and operate the TUESDAY Business Network, a social network in the real world for companies and professionals.

  • credibility
  • tradition
  • expertise
  • quality
  • fairness
  • professionalism

Registered Office

Internet Info, s.r.o.
Milady Horákové 116/109
160 00 Praha 6